Do you like the feeling of satisfaction and pride that comes from challenging yourself to build and complete something with your hands? If you like learning new things, pick up the DIY gauntlet, put your brain in gear, and work with your hands. There is nothing as self-satisfying as looking upon a completed project.

Hi, I’m Yevgen. This site is a result of my DIY passion, and to share the joys I have experienced fixing, building, and creating things over the years.


My goal for this site is to inspire and help others, and to be the best resource about building sheds, decks, and other outdoor projects. I am excited to share my extensive research, lessons learned, step-by-step building guides, resources, tool reviews, and other information. I hope you will find it useful, whether you are a beginning DIYer or an experienced craftsperson.

There are so many great tips, tricks, projects, designs, and really creative ideas out there. I plan to gather, organize, and share them with you here. My hope is that you find something here that interests or inspires you to make something.

I can’t wait to hear about your project’s success!